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McLeod One Retired

McLeod One is no more. I called to check in on our faithful eye in the sky and was informed that the main board malfunctioned when they powered on the drone and it went up in smoke. The unit is being returned to its point of origin and I will likely be receiving a new one to replace it once DJI determines that the new factory part actually destroyed the working parts that were left. I asked if there was an image to share and sadly our little one was packaged before I made the request.

So McLeod Two (probably need a better name that that) will be making its debut in the near future. I will miss my first quadcopter but I’m sure I will move past it. The technology has already improved with both the Phantom 4 and the Mavic Pro entering the marketplace. The decision will be to stay with what I know, take a step forward or take a leap forward. Ideas and suggestions are welcome.