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Marsh Creek Skate Park

The last time I was at Marsh Creek Skate Park was in 2014 for Tony Hawk’s fundraiser “Get Rad For Ray.” This return was to do a little flying in one of the six City of Raleigh Parks with a UAV designated area (Baileywick Park, Eastgate Park, Spring Forest Park, Marsh Creek Park, Dorothea Dix Park and Southgate Park) after the new policy went into effect this December. Of the over 200 parks in the system UAS/Quadcopter/Drone enthusiasts get 3% to enjoy. No word yet on enforcement of these rules but if you enjoy flying please be aware of them when flying in a Raleigh Park.

The multipurpose field at Marsh Creek Park was easy to access and a great place to launch from. We went there to try something new and because Dreamville had our primary location – the Big Field at Dix Park otherwise occupied. It was great seeing the skate park in use and after flying from the multipurpose field with the Phantom 3 we went up to shoot some closer shots with the Spark.

Overall it was fun and nice to see a new location. I hope to make it to all six flight areas and really hope that the City of Raleigh increases the number of areas available to UAS operators in the future.