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Broken Harness on Main Board

How close were we? Close enough that I got the motors to fire. I was final testing and closing the case close when the GPS wire harness on the main board snapped. And with that small snap home repair was done and the issue had to be handed over to a real professional.

To be honest? I feel 100 times better. This means not only will the current problem be resolved but the issue that caused the problem will be resolved as well. And – most importantly I’ll be in the air again before you know it with a device I can trust. Not one where I have to second guess if anything happened or didn’t as a result of my less than stellar repair job.

Lessons learned? Research, read, watch videos – keep a log of what you have done, are doing and plan to do. And most importantly – plan and double check your work. Things will still happen – like the harness here but it will make you more confident in the repair and you will feel better once you get in the air. Look forward to sharing the results from the repair shop when I get the machine back.2016-10-20-21-20-16