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As drone sales increase, so do safety concerns

I was interviewed last week about my thoughts on drones (quadcopters) and their potential expansion in the market this Christmas. Good interview and I thought it went well. Here is a little info and a link to the full story –

Drones continue to fly off the shelves this holiday season, and with the price point ranging from $50 to $1,500, there is one for everyone.

Drown owner, Anthony McLeod said he made his first drone purchase five months ago.

“It is pretty much the industry standard for a hobbyist,” McLeod said of his Phantom 3.

Hobbyists and amateurs say they find interest in flying the small aircrafts because they take amazing pictures.

“Getting up in the air, getting a different perspective than you would get shooting from the ground,” McLeod said. [WRAL]

They used this video in the the broadcast. With the weather looking good for the rest of the week I hope to get a couple of videos added to the YouTube playlist.