From Shaun of the Dead to Michael Jackson’s Thriller this exhibit has interesting props, costumes and behind the scenes tales from some of the most famous horror movies. Leatherface? Jason’s Mask? It’s in there. The story behind the famous axe scene in The Shining?

Director Stanley Kubrick originally requested that Jack Nicholson chop down a fake door in one of The Shining’s climactic scenes, but when Nicholson, who had previously worked as a fire marshall, tore it down too quickly a real door took its place. Cast as a possessed writer stuck in a haunted hotel, Nicholson hacks through the door to hiss an improvised line—now famous—from Ed McMahon’s introduction to The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson: “Heeeere’s Johnny!”

Told from the perspective of the directors themselves this exhibit takes you into the mythology behind the horror.