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DragonCon 2011 Video – CosPlay

So we’ve brought you geeky ex-drama types dressed up and lip-syncing posts before. And we’ve brought you comic convention posts before. I know all of this doesn’t exactly help us prove we aren’t as geeky as we look. Then again – we are pretty geeky all things considered. Anyway – more of the same. This one is from DragonCon in Atlanta, GA and no we weren’t there in person but it looks like a pretty cool event.

Maybe NOSVC should get a group together and go to one of these larger events to document it.  I know a lot of it I wouldn’t be interested in but the costumes I would – I know how hard it is to look like a Viking (which should be easy).

Too bad I don’t have any video-savvy friends who could put together an awesome video like this one.