Thought this was a really cool campaign by Patagonia.

Because Patagonia wants to be in business for a good long time – and leave a world inhabitable for our kids – we want to do the opposite of every other business today. We ask you to buy less and to reflect before you spend a dime on this jacket or anything else.

Environmental bankruptcy, as with corporate bankruptcy, can happen very slowly, then all of a sudden. This is what we face unless we slow down, then reverse the damage. We’re running short on fresh water, topsoil, fisheries, wetlands – all our planet’s natural systems and resources that support business, and life, including our own.

I received this along with many emails about Cyber Monday sales events. Not needing a jacket or anything else really I appreciate Patagonia encouraging others to think before they consume. I know – it won’t keep today from being a standout sales day but it is nice to think that not everyone is just out to make a dime. That being said if you need a jacket there are some great deals going but wouldn’t you feel bad buying anywhere else but Patagonia now?