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Commodore 64 Redux

To all of you that ask the question – where did all of this nonsense begin? Look no further than the sweet looking machine to the right – the Commodore 64. I’m sure mine is still hiding in a closet somewhere at Mom & Dad’s house waiting to be dusted off and rebooted. As much as a machine with 64k of memory excites my memory I have no desire to plug one up once to see the cursor blink at me and make me wish I remembered more Basic than would be practical to know today. That being said it appears the Commodore 64 is about to make a comeback.

The insides will be new and most decidedly not 8-bit but the outside will be as close to the original as can be produced. I can’t honestly remember if I like the clunky keyboard and hey – where’s my mouse? Supposedly the machine will run Windows or a propriety Commodore OS. This machine will definitely hold a lot of “cool” factor but not sure if that design is terribly practical. Starting price between $250 to $900 makes it something I am not positive I would want to buy unless I really planned to use it.

We’ll see what happens when the product really goes to market later this month.

NYT – The New Commodore 64, Updated With Its Old Exterior