Colonel Saunders’ Tijuana Picnic


There is no date on the record but I am guessing Tijuana Picnic is from 1966 based on the Colonel’s described age of 76 (he was born in 1890). Additional info on the album itself isn’t easy to find either and there are no credited musicians. I did find this article on the mysterious Colonel Saunders’ Tijuana Picnic but other details were less than forthcoming.

If you’re ever in Mexico, be sure to go to the Monterrey, Nuveo Leon. There, on the corner of Gonzalitos and Vancouver, you’ll find a Kentucky Fried Chicken take-home. One of over 1,200 throughout the world. And in Mexico, just like everywhere else, the chicken is finger lickin’ good.

This is a fun record that was rescued from a pile of old records at an estate sale. Hopefully others will enjoy it as much as we have and as the Colonel politely reminds us several times on the cover of the album – enjoy your Colonel Saunders’ Tijuana Picnic with Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Tracks include: A Taste of Honey, Lonely Bull, Chili Verde, Spanish Flea, Our Day Will Come, Tijuana Taxi, Green Peppers, El Garbanzo, El Toro and Third Man Theme. All quality big brass sounds and upbeat tunes.