Most of you know I can get seasick looking at a canoe. I know – it is hard to admit weakness but that is one of mine. I don’t know if it is mental, physical or whether it stems from not having many experiences on the water as a child. (I don’t think it is hereditary because my dad was in the Navy.) Either way, the thought of being on a boat can make me a little queasy.  Sound like fun? I really figured all of this out on our honeymoon. Talk about awesome.

You might have guessed by now – I might have been a little hesitant about going on a four-hour ride out into the middle of the ocean to hopefully see some large fish. That being said I am very glad I went and fortunately the nauseous feelings that usually accompany me on the water weren’t as bad as normal. Yes – I felt bad most of the trip and for a short while afterward. Yes – I would feel that way again to go out on another whale watching trip. All things being equal it was a very small price to pay.

I would highly suggest this trip to others and other than a couple of moments where I thought I might lose my blueberry muffin thought it was great. The pictures after the jump were the best of close to 300 Cara and I took – unfortunately our best doesn’t begin to describe the experience. The water reflects more in the images than it does in person and it is really hard to get a sense of scale in these pictures.  The whales you see here are huge – without standing beside them on the boat it is really hard to see that.

I know this jumped in front of several other Maine stories on the way but after looking at the pictures I decided it needed to go up first. In this gallery, you will see two pods of whales, a seal and probably the most dolphins I’ve ever seen at one time. The pictures of the dolphins aren’t so great because they were moving faster than I would have assumed a marine mammal could. It was unreal to watch.