DSC_3871While eating my way through the AVL, I stopped by Vortex Doughnuts. They are known for their tasty, local and twisted doughnuts.

They make their doughnuts from scratch each morning. They open at 7 and start frying their doughnuts then. I went early about 7:30 and there were only a few flavors to choose from since they just started frying. She said the best time to stop by was around 10:30 since most of the doughnuts would be ready then. [PRO TIP]

I tried a strawberry dark chocolate doughnut which was great. Anthony had the dark chocolate sugar doughnut which was good too. I would like to go back sometime to try some of their different flavors like raspberry and goat cheese or whole hog on a spit. If they are anything like their basic flavors I bet they would be out of this world.

For information about Vortex Doughnuts, you can check out their website or just stop by next time you are in Asheville.