Fort Worth’s legendary Stockyards Hotel has been welcoming guests since first opening its doors over 100 years ago in 1907. The spacious lobby of the Stockyards Hotel is beautifully appointed with comfortable furniture, antiques, and objet d’art that create an elegant Old West ambiance.

We walked into the Stockyards Hotel and walked around in what could have easily been confused with a movie set. With a little exploring we found a back door and wandered out into a small patio area with stairs leading down to a flowing body of water. It was a very quiet and peaceful area that lead us below the main street to Saunders Park and eventually back to street level.

Most Fort Worth Stockyard’s visitors do not realize a river runs through it, well, actually a creek, Marine Creek, which a short distance from this point will join the Trinity River. In this photo we are standing under the bridge which most people walking on Exchange Avenue don’t realize they are on when they are in the White Elephant Saloon or standing near the Fort Worth Stockyards sign. There is a paved trail called the Marine Creek Linear Park of which this location is a part.

Very cool find that we almost missed by not asking that really important question – what’s behind that door?