The last time I ran the Space Coast Half-Marathon (Cocoa Beach, FL) it was a chance to redeem a terrible run with something a little more exciting. Since then I’ve run half-marathons on both coasts and in another country. It was time to head back and tackle a new challenge – setting a PR on the course that really kicked off running and take home a medal with the Atlantis shuttle on it. Fortunately, I can say Mission Accomplished on both.

The race is a great local race with a scenic course and a large after-party. If you are looking for a fun travel race this is one to check out. Just know that registration goes quickly and in February for the November race. Half-marathon registration was only open for a couple of hours before it was sold out. In response to this, they are adding a second course (the first half of the full marathon) and doubling the number of bibs available for 2018.

Representing the two races I ran this week – the Trophy Trot 10k on Thanksgiving and the Space Coast Half-Marathon the Sunday after.