Last week we headed to the “motherland” of Southwest Virginia (yes – that is where my mom is from) for a few days of rest, relaxation and fun with some friends. We had a great time in Abingdon, ate well at Shatley Springs and started on an awesome adventure on the New River.  Unfortunately, the rain decided to make the canoe trip a little less than desirable.  We survived and plan to go on the trip next year.  We may or may not canoe again but we’re definitely up for a campfire and hanging out on the river.

Thanks again to Nick & Amy who planned the camping/canoe expedition.  Also – thanks to everyone for only giving us a little grief for packing up and heading out the second night.  The “motherland” happened to have a parent’s house in it with a hot shower, warm meal, and dry bed.  We thought about the stay – for a minute – and decided you all would really want us to take advantage of the warm and dry environment.


Shatley Springs

New River