What does one need after a Pecha Kucha evening? A yummy brunch of course prepared by some of the South’s best female chefs.  The theme of the brunch is exceptional women and by this list of chefs, you can tell it is true to the theme. Here is the lineup: Ashley Christensen, Anne Quatrano, Pheobe Lawless, Vivian Howard, Mendocino Steel, Merry Edwards, Jenny Wagner and Laura Maniec.

I spoke with John T. Edge before heading into the event and asked him what he was most excited about for the weekend. And his response was the brunch. He said he was so excited about all the firepower in the room and I must say I have to agree with his assessment.

What we ate: Southern Dim Sum with Cheeky Bao, Radish Dumplings, and Benne Peanut Balls from Phoebe Lawless of Scratch Bakery, Fois Gras on a Sweet Potato Biscuit with Maple Butter and Warm Apples from Michelle Weave of Charleston Grill, Spring Frittata from Anne Quatrano of Bacchanalia, Caramelized Pecan Sticky Bun with Blackberry Jam and Cream Cheese Glaze from Lauren Mittere of Wildflower Pastry, Grits and Greens with Sausage and Radishes from Vivian Howard of The Chef and the Farmer, Pickle Brined Fried Chicken on Cheddar Buttermilk Biscuits by Ashley Christiansen of Poole’s Diner.

All the dishes were amazing. If I had to pick a fav I would have to say the fried chicken from Ashley and the grits from Vivian were my favs. Am I bit biased towards my NC chefs? Yep, I’ll admit it!

The event included a screening of a Southern Foodways Alliance film about  The Southern Foodways Alliance’s mission is to document, study, and celebrate the diverse food cultures of the changing American South. This film did just that. I think my favorite story was about Helen who has her very own BBQ joint. Would love to visit sometime.

Guests were entertained with music from Underhill Rose a trio from North Carolina.

I was most looking forward to this brunch and it did not disappoint!