We’re going to the zoo! zoo! zoo! How about you?

When you think of San Diego you automatically think of the San Diego Zoo and Pandas. So, of course, we decided to add this to our bucket list while visiting the city. It is located in Balboa Park and there is free parking which is nice because the ticket prices aren’t exactly cheap.

When we got there, we jumped on the bus tour which is included in your ticket price. It lasted for about 30 minutes and gave us a great lay of the land. We also got to see many of the animals along the way. Make sure you grab a map as you enter the park. It has information about animal experiences and entertainment for the day. The park is divided into various areas like the urban jungle, Asian passage, panda canyon, and the elephant odyssey. The map will help you navigate the park.

There are over 600 animals in 100 acres of land which is pretty impressive.

A couple of protips:

  1. Visit the pandas first. The lines get long as the day goes on and they may not be as active during the heat of the day.
  2. The kangaroo bus allows you to hop on and off around the park and is included in your ticket price.
  3. Make sure to try the Skyfari Aerial Tram. The views are stunning! You can see the zoo and Balboa Park and it is a nice break from walking around the park.
  4. The Bashor Bridge allows you to cut over to the top of the park. It is a great shortcut.

Ok so how about the animals?

The pandas were super cool to see. As a kid growing up you always heard about the pandas and it was awesome to see them playing in their habitat. There were some really interesting tortoises that are older than the park. Pretty impressive. There are some fun grizzly bears that were rescued from Yosemite Park. On Wednesdays, it is bone day so you can see them enjoying some bones in the pictures. The koala exhibit is one of the newer exhibits and those koalas are sooooooo cute. I also loved the polar bears. They were having so much fun playing with a ball in the water.

There were so many cool things to see at the San Diego Zoo that is why it is a must do when visiting the City.