We chose to stay at Pop Century during this trip and scored a renovated room in the 90s building. This summer we stayed in one of the non-renovated rooms and I can say this is much nicer. The look and feel is much more modern. It looks a bit like it was decorated by Ikea. Also, the second bed folds up and makes a desk which is sort of interesting. Another small thing included a recycle bin which I thought was super nice.

They have stopped offering small bottles of shampoo, conditioner and lotions. Instead, they have large bottles in the shower that they refill. So no more hoarding those tiny bottles to bring home. Those days are gone.

The other thing I thought was interesting was they offered us a $50 gift card if we opted out of having our room serviced during the week. The amount didn’t seem to be enough for us to opt out, but I thought it was an interesting concept.

I like the location of Pop because it is a short bus ride to the parks in comparison to some of the other resorts.

The other thing I love is the New Balance running trail around the property which is about a mile around. it has signs with fun facts around it which almost makes you forget you are running.

I also love the fact that Pop is located near the Art of Animation Resort. This allows you an extra transportation option. When you are leaving the park if the Pop Century bus isn’t there yet you can hop on the Art of Animation bus and then just walk across the bridge to Pop Century. Kind of a nice option.

This resort will also be on the new Disney Skyliner system. which is a gondola system that will allow guests to travel from the resort to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. We think this value resort will be quite popular with the new renovations and access to the new Skyliner.