Ocean Isle is known for its sea turtle population but we got the chance to see some rescued African Spurred Tortoises.

A Calabash resident, Randy Gallagher a.k.a. “Turtleman” will routinely load up his gang of eight TESTUDINES in a specialized red-covered trailer and frequent grassy plots from HWY 179 to HWY 17S. A captivated audience is sure to gather as curious passers-by pull over to visit with Randy and his extraordinary menagerie. He will happily answer any questions and even allow small children to ride his heftier fellas. When I managed a quick visit yesterday, Mr. Gallagher was entertaining an inquisitive crowd with his collection of enormous pets. The larger individuals were allowed to graze freely under close supervision. Juveniles of the herd were more restricted, corralled within wooden enclosures made from 2x4s. [SOURCE]