The Mount Desert Oceanarium houses the Maine Lobster Museum, Marsh Tour, and Lobster Hatchery. A place where you can see a variety of marine life and lobsters in all stages of development.

The day after seeing one of the largest animals out at sea we stopped to look at infant lobsters that are so small they are hard to see. At the hatchery, we saw literally thousands of lobsters less than an inch in length in tanks of fast-moving water because when given the option lobsters like to eat lobster too. (Amazing that these tasty creatures don’t eat their own claws – and they could – they’ll grow back.)

It was amazing to see the hatchery and I was really surprised at both the size (that is a baby lobster to the right) of the lobsters and how long it took them to grow in the wild.  (It takes a lobster 7 years to get to your plate.)

If you are in Bar Harbor I highly suggest visiting the Mount Desert Oceanarium.  It was very informative and gives you whole new respect for the industry and the animal. Something that is easy to overlook when ordering dinner.