The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge designed by Santiago Calatrava looks more like modern art than it does a bridge. Trying to get a good picture or even a good look at it while driving across it is difficult at best. The solution? Turning the Continental Avenue Bridge (that previously served as the traffic connector) into a pedestrian bridge/park. No. It isn’t exactly open but the door wasn’t exactly locked either. We were able to go out and check on the progress and get some great pictures of the new bridge as well.

I really like the idea of reusing a bridge as a park. It looks well designed and loaded with activities. From what we can tell in addition to the pedestrian access and trail connector the bridge will have multiple garden areas, chess/checkers areas, places to read/sit in the sun and what looked like it might be a water/spray area for kids. All assumptions based on what was there now but I am looking forward to going back and checking it out once it is complete. It should be open soon and everyone will have the pictures I have below. Until then these might be a little rare.