We enjoyed a day in La Jolla on Tuesday. There are so many fun things to do in La Jolla.

We started by visiting the Cave Store. This is a manmade tunnel that leads into the Sunny Jim cave via land. The cost is $5 and it is 144 stairs downstairs. It is the only way to get to the cave via land which most people visit via a kayak tour. It was a neat experience if you are looking to check out the tunnels.

After the Cave Store, we went to La Jolla Cove which is a great space for snorkelers and swimmers. We just went to take pictures of the Sea Lions and Seals. After lunch, we went back to do some snorkeling. It was awesome. We got to see some garibaldi fish. They are the bright orange fish you see in the video. They are the state fish of California. We also got to capture a few of the seals and sea lions in the water which was awesome.

At lunch, we took a break and went to visit some of the shops. There is a cool Dr. Seuss art gallery in downtown that has many of his works. It was worth stopping by for a visit. Also if you visit Scrippts park which has what is rumored to be the inspiration for Suess’ Truffula tree.

Here are a few lessons we learned after our visit to La Jolla:

  1. Go snorkeling in the morning at the Cove. It was so busy when we went back in the afternoon that there was barely room on the beach to sit.
  2. Parking is hard to find. This beach town is a popular spot which means that parking was a bit of an issue. You may have to be prepared to drive around a bit to find a spot.

Enjoy your visit. La Jolla was really great place to hang out. They have great shopping and lots of fun things to do with your family so enjoy it!