Haunted Mansion Holiday #DL15


Last year attempts were made to capture Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion Holiday makeover in video. This year we came back armed with better technology and hopefully created a better-finished product. Don’t remember the tour from last year?

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas inspires the great transformation from a haunted house to Halloween Town, brimming with jack-o-lanterns and wreaths, sinister toys and kooky characters from the hit animated film. Don’t miss the ginger-dread houses and blood-curdling pies as the Oogie Boogie Man and others scare up some extra festive fun. Season’s Screamings, everyone!

Much of the ride was the same as last year but I think the ‘hatbox ghost’ is a new addition. You can see him from about the 2:25 to 2:36. The Haunted Mansion Holiday theme is a lot of fun and I think adds a lot to the experience. We always find ourselves in Disneyland this time of year so this is the only experience we know. Lots of fun and definitely one to put you in the Christmas spirit.

Bonus Pics:

This year we didn’t get a chance to sneak over to the hidden pet cemetery but here are pictures from it outside the Haunted Mansion from last year.