dsc_7234There is no place like the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC to watch the sunset.  You can watch as the mountains slowly turn from green to blue and see a vast array of colors all around.  We went to the Grove a little over a year ago for Thanksgiving and it was really nice to return and walk around when it was a little less crowded.

In doing a little research on the place I found this interesting piece of info…

The Grove Park Inn was conceptualized by Edwin Wiley Grove who owned Paris Medicine Company. Its primary money making product was Grove’s Chill Tonic which was a tasty syrup elixir containing quinine. This formula would help tame the raging chills brought on by malaria. At one time the number of bottles of Chill Tonic outsold bottles of a famous brand of Cola. He believed the climate of Asheville, North Carolina would have health benefits and be the ideal location for a resort. His doctors sent him there to determine if the climate would help reduce or cure his bouts with extreme hiccups. The hiccups would last several weeks at a time. [SOURCE]

I am happy to report there were no hiccups on this trip and it was a nice relaxing way to start the evening. We had a couple of beers and watched the big ball of fire in the sky dip gracefully behind the mountains. Nothing short of magnificent. More pictures after the jump of both the hotel and the view. If you are ever in Asheville, NC it is definitely worth taking the time to do this. You might even see someone famous.


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