Fox Creek


This is from a short flight over the Fox Creek community in Mouth of Wilson, VA. Check out what I am guessing is a Red Hawk at about the 1:55 mark. He left us alone and we got out of his way as quickly as possible. Great flight in a great location on a picture-perfect day. The house and the people you can see in the pictures below are relatives that were aware we were flying – we were not intentionally disturbing anyone during this flight. I did want to get some good pics of their house and the surrounding area.

Take off and landing was from the cemetery above the Pine Branch Church. The panorama picture above was stitched from 10 images using Lightroom and can be downloaded here.

Fox Creek is a great place to fly with amazing views from the ground and the air. Make sure you get permission before flying and be aware of the sudden changes in weather in this area. Both flights this weekend were followed by heavy winds and downpours. As pretty as these skies look we had an amazing amount of rain within the hour.

This is my aunt and uncle’s house – no we were not disturbing them on this flight.