denver06So I took most of today off to try and get my out of control office mess in some semblance of order and maybe even move things around a little bit. Call me optimistic.

Instead of While doing that I ran across some of the oldest pictures I have stored electronically.  I am going to throw these up on the site because while NOSVC didn’t really get going till 2007-2008 there was a lot going on before then.  These pictures are good old fashioned film images that were scanned at the same time they were developed.  I found the floppy discs they were on in the closet and got sidetracked.  They are 600×336 resolution so a little smaller than even the ones I reduce to put on the site.

So it has been a while but highlights on this trip…  Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, the Denver Mint, Coors Brewing Company, Casa Bonita, the Air Force Academy and Estes Park. (Did I miss anything Cara?) Amazing but it seems like just yesterday when we were up there.

I’m still cleaning out the office and the closet and as I run across more fun memories I’ll post them.