Flag Retreat at the Magic Kingdom #WDW18


Gather in the town square on Main Street U.S.A. to watch Magic Kingdom park’s American flag retire for the night. This is a special tribute—a thank you to veterans for their service, sacrifice, and dedication to protecting our country.

The pledge is said and trumpet fanfare sounds Retreat. The American flag lowers while the philharmonic plays the “Star-Spangled Banner.” Members of the Color Guard remove the flag from the staff and fold it while Guests are led in a chorus of “God Bless America.”

This is one of the Disney Traditions that is always amazing to see. We’ve seen it at Disneyland and were fortunate to be able to get a video this time at the Magic Kingdom.

And for your Disney Trivia – the flag being lowered is the only official United States flag on the street. The others you see have an off number of stars or stripes so they are not official and do not have to be lowered. #DisneyMagic