The second trip to Durham in a week?  This has to be some type of record. Today we went to the Duke Lemur Center and unlike the Carnivore Preservation Trust this is definitely a place I want to visit again. (No offense CPT I just like walls around the animals I am visiting.) The Duke Lemur Center has the most lemurs of any place outside of Madagascar.  The center is home to over 250 prosimians or pre-monkey primates – this group includes the lemurs and a few other odds and ends.

The tour is very well done and the guide encouraged taking pictures which was no easy task. The ones after the jump represent the best I could do with the odds that were stacked against me. Yes – dirty glass and reflections were an issue but add to it a fairly unpredictable and rather quick animal and you have a real challenge. Overall I was happy with the shots I was able to get and look forward to going back in the spring and hopefully getting a closer look.

If you decide to go on the tour make reservations in advance.  It sounds like some of the tours get booked rather quickly. We did the basic $10 tour and it was great. The gift store is also really cool with lots of unique lemur gifts – while we were waiting for the tour to start we took pictures of a few of the things we could have bought.