Disney California Adventure is the next-door neighbor of Disneyland but unlike the parks in Disney World that where you need a bus or monorail to go from one to another traveling from one park to the next here is only a few steps. From what I have read DCA has gone through many quick evolutions before and since opening in 2001. Originally conceived as ‘WestCOT’ or a West Coast version of EPCOT this park now celebrates all things California from the main entrance in the style of 1920’s California to bad elevators in the Tower of Terror. Joking aside this might be the best Disney park as far as flow and content. The park feels large but it is easy to find attractions and the quality of the entertainment is high across the board with a good mix. Lots of cute but easy to find local beer. I felt like this place was an across the board win.

I think this park needs to be replicated at Disney Hollywood Studios in Orlando. There are many similarities already but all the places where DHS fails DCA seems to find success. I’d be happy to consult further under the title of ‘Imagineer’ if the mouse in charge is interested.