The rodeo has been to Raleigh before I know because I’ve seen the commercials on TV – not because I’ve been. I think we may have gone to see a rodeo once when we were kids. It was a traveling roadshow not very different from the circus. It came to town – played a few nights and left. That is how I view the rodeo – not an event that would ever need a permanent venue to host the weekly displays of skill, strength, and endurance of man vs. beast. But this is Texas and the Cowtown Coliseum is such a permanent venue. We missed the rodeo but we didn’t miss the open door that let us get a sneak peek at the arena.

Built-in 1908 the Coliseum seats close to 3,500 and hosts events on Friday and Saturday night and is home to the Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame. Very unique venue and while I don’t have a great interest in attending a rodeo it was awesome to see.