These are the costumes your NOSVC friends disguised themselves in over the weekend. The question is – who has the best costume? The poll closes at midnight on Halloween and the winner will be announced on November 1st. You are welcome to share this poll anywhere you like but duplicate votes from the same computer / IP address will be deleted. We want to minimize voter fraud as much as we can. No – we aren’t going to ask for your license and you don’t have to show us unless you have a really funny picture.

Yes – the winner will be recognized here and I’ll see if I can’t come up with something really cool for them.

And the contestants are…


  1. The picture of Doc Ock doesn’t quite do it justice. The details on this costume were awesome. Second best was Quail Man – great creativity (I had no idea who it was when I first heard it).

    All the store bought costumes are good but nothing over the top like the other two.

  2. I wanted to vote for the daughter of Sally Jupiter but felt that kudos should be paid to Doc Oct, especially for running in an awesome costume that didn’t come apart!!!
    side note, my costume may have come from a store but the hair was all hand done & lasted thru the race 😉

  3. You do get credit for the hair – experimenting with my own and going for that “superman” look I’ll have to say that is harder than it looks. (I needed Cara’s help to pull it off for both costumes.)

    Halloween is fun – makes you wonder why we only celebrate 3-4 times a year.

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