Well… another Western Carolina Football game and honestly – do we walk away talking about the score? Of course not. We do walk away sizing up the competition. In my opinion – they looked good on the field and the fans were friendly if not respectable where we encountered them. At least after they were up by a reasonable margin they were willing to share their beer. More pics after the jump – overall – not a bad tailgate. We scored first. The folks in the stand that went to Marshall? It was 1992 and we owned you.

Hail to thee, our Alma Mater – Faithful, kind, and true; – Every son and every daughter – Offers praise to you.
Hail to the dearest spot of all; – Hail to WCU! – Light and life and fond devotion – All to thee are due.
Purple robes and colors golden, – Streaming everywhere, – Swell our hearts with pride for olden – Days and friendships dear.
Under shade trees’ friendly bowers, – Voices, ever gay, – Mingles with breath of flowers – And the song birds’ lay.
Shout aloud with one loud chorus, – Voices clear and true, – Lifted high in praise and honor, – All for WCU!

This post marks the 400th since April 22, 2004.  I thought about making a separate post for the occasion but that seemed a little over the top.  If I am not averaging a post a week since I started moving things over from AML I’d say I’m blogging a little slow.  I’m still trying to get here more often but typically I have a lot going on.  The goal now?  To hit 500 by the end of the year with as little padding as possible.  May the blogging begin.


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