So fall is really the best time of the year.  Summer around here is too hot.  Winter is well – a little on the less eventful side.  Spring is nice but the pollen turns the place green.  Who are we kidding?  Fall is awesome.   You have football and tailgating and grilling out and getting a little sunburn on nice cool day and beer and football.  All the things you need for a great fall day.  This past weekend the weather was awesome, the tailgate was fun, and the game was anything if not exciting.

Pictures from the tailgate and the game and after the jump.  It was a great time and makes me wonder why we only have one day a week devoted to sitting outside, grilling and drinking beer.  It also makes me wonder why we bother to leave this paradise and go to the game.  Seems rather pointless in so many ways.  As Mark Twain said “Golf is a good walk spoiled.”  I must say that “Football is a good tailgate spoiled.”  When you don’t run out of food and drinks and leave anyway you do have to ask yourself – why? Maybe the guys with the moonshine scared us off?

The outcome of the game may have been a little less than desirable.  Could be worse – at least the Hokies didn’t punch one in unnecessarily in the final seconds to kill the spread.  Nevermind. Might be Stinespring’s retirement package.  I’m just glad that sports betting is illegal in the state of North Carolina.  Otherwise I may have taken NCSU and 5 points and would have wanted to see a certain Offensive Coordinator’s bank records.  Just saying.


  1. Talk to C on that one – I didn’t have the camera from the beginning of the game until we got back and I started taking the awesome FB profile pictures of myself.  (As promised I changed my pic to one of them.)

  2. Thanks for the tailgate time! Wish we could have spent more time with y’all. Weren’t you doing some kind of tailgate tour? Kick it in gear and head East…open invite to join us in Pirate Country! I can’t guarantee a good game, but a good tailgate is certain!

  3. We talk every year about a tailgate tour and then we get busy – all kinds of stuff starts popping up and the idea of losing every Saturday to drinking and sunburns becomes less attractive.  That being said – I’d love to see the new additions in Pirate Country.  We’ll have to look at some dates and figure out a good one to head that way.

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