The 35-13 score doesn’t really reflect what happened at the game – it looked and felt a lot closer than the score showed us. That being said it was cold outside, a light misting rain was persistent and the beer was abundant so I am not sure that I am the right person to report on the outcome. In some ways it was a great day for football in another way NCSU still needs an offensive line and a defense. The pieces of the puzzle are there but I am not sure if the picture is coming.

The Jaguars played a great game and in some ways I hated that NCSU had to break their winning streak of 18+ games. But that was inevitable and as the team continues to move forward I think it is also inevitable that they will get another shot at BCS school and do well.


NCSU has a short turn around till Thursday night’s game at Cincinnati. We can only hope for the best, expect the worst and remember that it is NCSU. They’ll win and lose when they aren’t supposed to. Unfortunately both are equally frustrating – its like being in line behind Russell Wilson at the drink machine. Just get a coke and move on already!

Too soon? Maybe.