You just found an injured turtle. Who are you going to call? The Turtle Rescue Team! A non-profit organization run by students at North Carolina State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, the Turtle Rescue Team annually provides medical, surgical, and rehabilitation services to about 300 turtles, other wild NC reptiles, and amphibians that are then returned to nature. Faculty advisor Dr. Greg Lewbart will discuss the valuable work of the Team, North Carolina turtles (including the common snapping turtle, Eastern box turtle, painted turtle, river cooter, and yellow bellied slider), typical turtle injuries and health problems, and particularly interesting cases. You will also learn how you may help the team by fostering a rehabilitating turtle, donating your time in other ways, and obtaining your own NC Turtle Rescue Team license plate.

This week at the Nature Research Center’s Science Cafe the Turtle Rescue Team and Dr. Greg Lewbart of NC State took center stage to discuss the team and what they are doing to save these unique animals when they are injured. We saw some of this up close when we visited the Georgia Sea Turtle Center and it was great to hear about what was being done for local turtles close to home.

The Science Cafe is a weekly event where you can learn from experts on a variety of topics in a relaxed environment.