DSC_4827This year we were finally able to make the trek to Durham to enjoy Tour de Fat. The annual event was held at the Diamond View Park, which is located right in front of DPAC. New Belgium describes the event as beer, bikes and bemusement and I think this is the perfect description.

Everything was set up in a carnival theme.They had a lawn games that included a giant Jenga tower and a huge Connect Four game. We enjoyed the musical acts. They had a variety show of sorts that included a yo yo guy, magic tricks and more. Throughout the day they had events like the slow mo ride where people competed on bikes. For families they had a Kids Zone which had a bike area set up.

Enough about the fun and games, what about the beer you ask??? Well of course we had the Ranger which has a great hoppy taste and was perfect for the hot day. We also got to have the Cocoa Mole. This beer has the perfect flavors of sweet and savory. We missed the Oatmeal IPA. Hopefully we will be able to find this sometime soon so we can review.

What I really loved was the ability to recycle and compost your trash. Got to love New Belgium’s commitment to sustainability.

I am so happy we finally got a chance to go to Tour de Fat. The event was a blast. I loved all the creativity. In order to get a full picture of all of the fun, view the video and pics below. And take it from me you want to check out this event next year and enjoy a New Belgium beer or two until then…