Thanks to everyone that submitted your float ideas. If we had the budget we’d do all of them and create our own parade. (Don’t hate – its how we roll.) That being said we had to narrow the field to three and now we will narrow it further. The primaries are over and we are headed to the Final Countdown. (cue awesome video) So – in case you weren’t following our around the clock cable television channel as the results came in the winners of the NOSVC Float Theme Primary are:

  1. Election 2012: St. Patrick for Governor (62%)
  2. Fail Whale – Irish Twitter is only 100 characters (42%)
  3. 30th Anniversary of the Parade – We Take the Cake! (23%)

Close and maybe next year include Irish Aliens – Space Ireland found something on the moon and Irish Superheroes (Calling Drunk Man!). It is nice to have a cupboard filled with ideas. (Canned food is better but ideas work.)

Yes I am aware the total for the Top 3 is 127%. I assume this is because we were allowed to vote more than once. If not I blame Windows.  Voting will resume on Monday and while BobG’s strategy of informing people of his vehicle of choice helped move the 30th Anniversary concept forward I hope there is more lobbying during the next round. We will also allow float renderings/plans and more importantly photos of yourself dressed for the float of your choice to help us decide.

Polls will open Monday morning and close on Friday of next week.

P.S. – In the picture above St. Patrick is saying “Hey kid – pick up that damn Tootsie Roll!”