It’s finally Friday and we’ve reached the final float in our countdown to 2011’s parade festivities. This float had an Apollo-esque rocket and a Delta IV Heavy styled rocket and promoted the use of Green Tang – something that would later be our undoing. The build materials were large cardboard tubes and featured a flashing nose cone and real smoke coming out of the back of the rear rocket. The rockets were identified with our group name SPACE IRELAND in large letters and covered in Guinness and Tang sponsorship logos.

“go infinity agus ina dhiaidh”

This experience was defined by not only the parade but what happened after. Several of us were forcibly abducted by aliens. I’ve heard stories. I’ve seen pictures. I recall bits and pieces but not much. That being said I won’t report here on things that are largely hearsay and speculation. The parties involved know who they are and likely have equally vague recollections of the day’s events.

On another note I am sad to say that we learned after the parade that we did not create the drink of beer combined with Tang aka the “Official Drink of the Irish Astronaut.” I was watching Married with Children a short time later and saw the same mixture being called a “Bundy Mimosa.” Like most of the really great ideas we’ve come up with while drinking I am glad I don’t have to take credit for that one and wish I could give a couple back.

Overall it was a great parade and it inspired an even greater road trip.