The SPARKcon Wear What You Are Fashion Show was held on September 15. The event was held in the fountain in Lichtin Plaza in front of the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts. Yes, I said in the fountain. The red carpet was right in the middle. It was pretty awesome.

This year there were 10 different designers:

  • Haus Page by Dara & Nash Page
  • Ultimate Earring Junki by Sasha Woods
  • Julkee Fashion* by Julie Patel
  • Forest Tomlin*
  • Eric Barnes*
  • Runaway* by Gabe Eng-Goetz
  • Glitzy Situation by April Scott
  • Morgan Wilkins
  • Jessica Crabtree
  • Elements by Adrienne McKenzie

This event was so much fun! Can’t wait to see how they kick it up a notch next year….