We are very fortunate in Raleigh to have a lot of really cool events come into town as a result of the awesome (and still relatively new) Convention Center. One of these events is the South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo an annual event for fire fighters from across North Carolina.

The South Atlantic FIRE RESCUE Expo is the new name for the statewide firefighter’s exposition held in conjunction with the North Carolina State Firemen’s Association and the North Carolina Association of Fire Chiefs Annual Conference that can trace its beginnings back to the late 1800’s.

Unlike a lot of the events at the Convention Center this one had a parade which means we were out to snap a few shots and see some of the old and new technology in the fire rescue field. (Sorry – we don’t own a parade eligible fire fighting or rescue vehicle.) We also spent a little time at the top of the parking deck and will have a couple of tilt-shift photos from the event in a later post. Overall it was a short but very cool parade. I hope Raleigh is fortunate enough to host more events like this in the future.


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