It isn’t every day you see a three-wheeled car on the back of a flat-bed outside the neighborhood. We did and stopped to grab a few pics. At first I thought it might be an antique but it is actually a new Snyder ST600-C.  There isn’t a lot of info on the web about the car or the company – this YouTube video being the first thing I found.

The car looks interesting and at 70MPG it is definitely practical. I wouldn’t mind giving it a test drive and see how it compares to the Volt and other light-weight fuel-efficient vehicles I’ve test driven. It looks like the price on these is sub-$10k so Snyder Vehicles if you want to mail me one of these I will try it out and write a formal review. As an added bonus – if you send me a green one I will make sure it is used in the Raleigh St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Good deal for your investment Snyder? Absolutely.


    • Yes, an endorsement is required. In select states (currently WA) you do not need one since it is fully enclosed and has seatbelts. 

    • I am a 90 year old handicapped person that has a problem walking since 1913. I had a Ford Ranger and I was told by Dr”s that I would not be able to drive again, so I gave the Ranger to my daughter. About six months later after intensive Physical Therapy. I got tired asking someone to take me where I. had to go. I looked at some autos on the market and almost died with sticker shock!

      I looked at other alternatives and found a new Snyder 600cc at half the price of American made small cars. I ordered it and had it delivered on December 20, 2013 at 9:30 PM right to my door. II fell in love with the motorcycle the first time I drove it. My walker fits in the rear seat and I can maneuver it out for use with NO. problem! I am completely satisfied with the vehicle and would not trade it for an American made car. I’m a little disappointed in the gas mileage. In town I only get between 65-68 mpg.

  1. 1st. Larry, you heard WRONG ! they do not tip over easy. The Robin does, its engine was in the front which is why. The Snyders, their engines are in the back, they are very safe to drive. I have one, drive it daily, no problems at all. 2nd. Celena, In Ohio ” and most states” you do not need a motorcycle lic. to drive one. It is enclosed cab, with seat belts. 3rd. Eric, find one, and buy it ! It is so very worth it !

  2. I have a 2012 Snyder. The car is a lot of fun to drive,and overall it’s very reliable. I do have one gripe however; the company does a poor job of supplying repair parts. The main importer in California refuses to return my phone calls,I need a rear hub, and does not return my emails.I am not asking for a free repair part , I would simply like to purchase what I need to get my car back on the road. This is a real black mark against an otherwise great little vehicle. Dave

    • Bad news for you. EPA hit hard on the company importing these cars because they might of had fraudulent information about passing US safety checks. After a few major recalls they banned all imports in 2013. I am sure you can get parts if you check out ebay and look under the original manufacturer of Dezhou fulu. I was looking at one the other day but the guy wanted $4000 for it and don’t know many 4 year old vehicles that sell for THAT much, with no AC atleast:P

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