If you grew up in North Carolina, you know that a trip to the NC State Fair is an absolute must. This year was Tanner’s first trip to the fair and it did not disappoint.

He just turned 4 years old and he was able to enjoy the rides. We also checked out all the animals. One of the spots I loved the most is the area with the NC Forestry Division. It was great. They had planes and helicopters. Tanner loved it! PBS had a super cool area that had lots of fun things for kids to enjoy near Dorton Arena.

We also rode the giant Ferris Wheel. The views from the top were stunning. You could see downtown and North Hills from the top.

Of course, no trip to the fair is complete without enjoying some food. We tried a couple of new things and some tried and true favs. Here is what we had to eat:

  1. Pickle Pizza – pretty good if you are a fan of dill. Loved the crust.
  2. Doughnut from Fluffy’s Giant Doughnutsworth the $8 price tag.

Traditional Fair Fare:

  1. Corndog – Basic but good.
  2. Polish Sausage – Those peppers and onions always get me!
  3. Cotton Candy for Tanner – A must!

My favorite was the Doughnut from Fluffy’s it was so good. The creme filling was excellent.

A few pro tips that may help you:

  1. Go early. We went right at 9 and the crowds weren’t bad. We also went on a Tuesday which helped.
  2. Buy your tickets ahead of time and save some money.
  3. Bring some cash. Many of the vendors only take cash. They do have ATMs there but there is a $5 service fee.
  4. Get an NC State Fair Identification Sticker for your Kiddo. I thought this was really nice. They provided stickers in case your child got lost.

I was so happy to be able to finally take Tanner to the fair this year. I think his smiles say it all. He had a great time.