Mondo Roots Festival


We attended Mondo Roots Festival on Saturday, June 3 in Clayton. Mondo Roots Festival is focused on Celebrating Diversity and Empowering the Community. This festival is in it’s second year is one part arts festival and one part music festival. We were able to see the Roots of a Rebellion and Nappy Roots.

We got to catch up with the band members from Nappy Roots at the festival. They gave us an update on what’s new for the band. They have a new album that was released in April called 40 acres. They also have a new podcast called Nappy Hour. And finally they have a beer coming out with a brewery out of Atlanta.

The festival was great. I loved the location in downtown Clayton. It was family friendly and folks were encouraged to bring chairs out and enjoy the day. Congrats to the folks with Mondo Roots who put together a wonderful event to celebrate diversity and empower the community. I can’t wait to see what year 3 brings.