The annual Krispy Kreme Challenge is a thing of mystery – the task at hand seems simple enough but is difficult enough to prevent just anyone from completing it. Just run 2.5 miles from the NCSU bell tower to Krispy Kreme, eat a dozen doughnuts and return. Nothing difficult in that really – except maybe the running and the eating a dozen doughnuts. And did I mention this all has to happen in under an hour? The clock might be the most difficult part of this challenge.

Congrats to Joe – the only member of team to complete the challenge. Nick T. (aka Susan) was close and I fell short by about 10 minutes – which I can blame on either being out of shape or not eating the doughnuts quickly enough. Don’t worry – I’ll decide before I sugar crash. Looking back at the stats on the run my fastest half mile was after the doughnut break. BobG had me on pace to finish but the doughnuts were not being my friend. Thanks to the team for all the encouragement – without you I would have quit after seven doughnuts and probably felt better later today.

Good job by everyone on team – BobG, Sonya, Randi, Nick S., Amy, Court, Joe, Nick T. (aka Susan), Chloe, Brian and our cheering support Heather. Better luck next year guys – we were all close – some closer than others but it is definitely a task that possible. Maybe a little more running or even a little more practice at Krispy Kreme would help.