After close to a month of online debate, a poll questioning BobG’s dedication to the cause and more trash talk than a middle school locker room the big day arrived.  A moment of full disclosure before we continue: I have run this race before.  I was able to finish a total of five doughnuts and it was disgusting.  I don’t know that I have eaten more than a single doughnut since.  So despite what you may read here I do have a great deal of respect for everyone that participated in the race.  It is not easy – if you think it is go grab a box of doughnuts and start eating.  Prior to doing it I thought the run was the hard part – after last year I know better.

All that being said congrats to all the runners.  Slide show with commentary after the jump so open the first picture and proceed to see the time line of events. I know we will have years of debate over BobG’s performance and the over 28 minutes it took him to eat 11.75 doughnuts.  We will also stand in awe of Eric’s friend Joey who ate a box of doughnuts in such a fashion that the cops almost arrested him for assault. (By my count Joey was done in around 5 minutes – that is under 30 seconds per doughnut.)

I know BobG isn’t pleased with his performance and will likely put such witty comebacks as “Those who stand and watch have nothing to say” on this post too. Well – I’ve see the climb and I’ve seen the pictures from the top.  I’ve got no reason to think I want to climb that mountain.  Congrats to him though on once again getting close – maybe you’ll have better luck next year or at least pick up that last quarter of a doughnut you left on the side of the road.


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