When you start your weekend with Def Leppard and then head to the infamous Kirby Derby how do you wind things down? Hopefully not at a Keith Urban Concert.  Don’t get me wrong – it wasn’t a bad show just not as relaxing as one might have hoped.  I was at a point where I would have really enjoyed hanging out on the patio and relaxing. Not crammed into a seat at the RBC Center (are we going to start calling it the ESA again?) and listening to the deafening sounds of almost-country music.

Almost-country music? Yeah – first off dude is from Australia. Second off you can’t trick me into thinking you are having a “hard time country music life” when you are married to Nicole Kidman and won’t shut up about it. (If you were at the concert you know it was their anniversary.) And finally – just because you have a guy on stage with a banjo doesn’t mean that we can hear it – he might have been playing it but honestly you were drowning him out 95% of the time. All that being said it wasn’t a bad show and I am nearly positive I was the only person in the arena that wasn’t completely thrilled to be there and didn’t know but two of the songs.

On the plus side – while the show lacked in music I knew or enjoyed it did make up ground in being pretty interactive. In a day and age where we get an anal probe at the airport this show went into the crowd quite literally. Keith (I’ve been to your show I am not calling you Mr. Urban) went out into the audience several times and even gave away a signed guitar at one point. I know he had security with him but it worked and it was pretty cool to see some one approach the audience as though the people who paid a fortune for their seats may not mug them. More pictures after the jump – they aren’t great at all but then again they were taking with my point & shoot that only has 3X optical zoom. Expectations for the images – just like mine for the concert shouldn’t be too high.