I’ve always thought charity was a good thing. We joke and play and act foolish a lot but as a group most of my friends understand the importance of giving back. A big part of any level of success is your ability to do good things in your community and help those that are less fortunate than yourself. The Jingle Ball is a great outlet for this and should be commended as a great charity and a great party where the most fun people in Raleigh get a chance to share a little Christmas with each other and some less fortunate than them as well.

Founded in 1994, the Capital City Clauses is a federally registered nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring holiday spirit to capital-area children. Each year, we collect hundreds of toys for The Salvation Army’s Christmas Cheer program, which distributes the toys to Wake County children. In 2009, we were one of the program’s largest donors, and we seek to increase the number of toys collected again this year.

It goes without saying that charity alone won’t motivate the masses. Free food and free beer will get them to pack the house. We brought along our friend Orlando and he had a surprisingly good time. He mixed, mingled and hung out with an Elvis impersonator. After the jump the pictures tell one side of the story for the evening. On the other side will be some child opening what is hopefully a little joy on Christmas morning. If that happens all the partying was not in vain and the headaches we had this morning were worth all of it.