In the Kitchen with Nick II


Another wedding? Yes – congrats Patricia and Zach. Another kitchen tour? It wouldn’t be a wedding without one.

Disclaimer: no small animals were involved injured in the creation of this video.

Nick made it over a minute which is a remarkable improvement from the last wedding.  Daniel and Suzanne – we’ll push harder next time.  Maybe Nick will get to make you his special gift of Macaroni and Cheese.

Trust me – its pretty neat.


  1. Of course not. A doodle can be bigger than a cheeto. A doodle also has more air. Both float in water but one has a higher density than the other. One day. I will.

  2. I wonder if we could get free cheese doodles to experiment with, simply by emailing them? 60 pounds of cheese doodles, anyone?

  3. See if you can get some “donated” depending on how many you get we’ll come up with something great to do with them.  Be it cheese doodle flambe or swimming in a baby pool full of cheese doodles.

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