What did you do Saturday morning? Probably didn’t hike over six miles in your local state park following orange squares on trees like ET followed Reese’s Pieces with much less peanut butter. Yes – hiking will make you hungry.  This was a fun excursion and practice hike for our friends Chloe and Brian who plan on hiking the West Highland Way (96 miles) in a little under a month.

The hike burned just over 1300 calories (per my Nike Sports Watch) this means they will use close to 20,000 calories each over the course of their hike in Scotland. Enough to eat a 1200 calories Haggis each day or something that may taste better. Not sure what other items of Scottish cuisine are available.

The park and the Company Mill Trail are definitely fun and great for picture-taking. It is amazing to think the night before you are running between tall buildings and the next morning you are photographing tall trees. The short ten or so miles between the park and downtown feels like worlds away.