High Cotton is a new men’s shop in downtown Raleigh that has the unique distinction of making a product that is 100% North Carolina.

High Cotton Ties offers Washable, 100% Cotton Bow Ties and Cummerbunds Hand-Made in North Carolina. We are a bright, new company that supports the revival of North Carolina’s textile history by choosing to hand-cut and hand-sew our products locally. We have found doing so resonates deeply with our customers.

We stopped in at their Beer, Beach Music and Bow Ties open house and ended up walking away with another bow tie. Being an occasional bow tie wearer I was interested to see their tie styles and quality. Before we left I ended up purchasing the one to the right. It is extremely well made and priced very competitively with other ties I have purchased. Most importantly – we are both products born and raised in this great state. How could I go wrong with that?

I know the art of tying a bow tie appears difficult but this would be a great place to go and learn. Their ties are easy to work with and their staff is more than willing to help you out. If you don’t want to learn in a store there is always YouTube. Either way – it is always nice to have on a nice looking tie. It inspires a sense of confidence and knowing that you are supporting farmers, manufacturers and retailers all from home creates a great sense of pride.