To answer the questions about the robot on our front porch. The costume Brian wore for Halloween was a Gundam a giant robot mobile suit or mecha. Haven’t heard of it? You probably aren’t alone. Surprisingly this isn’t something that will be a hot new toy for Christmas. The original animated series began in 1979 and if you were in Japan you may have spent some yen to see a 18-meter (59 and change feet – roughly half the height of the Statue of Liberty) tall 1:1 replica of the famous character. The series has a continued following and a significant cultural impact on many in Japan and now several in our neighborhood that were scared by the robot, transformer or matador they encountered on our front porch. Wait – matador? Yes – it was that kind of Halloween crowd.

This costume is homemade from molded foam. Each piece cut, heat molded and glued to create the mobile suit.

The transformation process from man to mecha. That is Chloe helping him transform as the mother from How I Met Your Mother – yellow umbrella and all.

I had a vague idea of what a Gundam was prior to this. Even I had to do a little homework via Wikipedia to pull the pieces together.